Ironman Lake Placid 2010

Ironman Lake Placid 2010 was the first race back after a long lay off from racing. Started off with a sold swim (1:17) and T1, before blowing out a tire on the first climb out of town and waiting for 2 hours for race mechanics to come with a spare tire. After a disappointing bike of ___ was able to chug through the marathon and finish at around 9PM with a total time of ____. Great first race and sowed the seeds for many more Ironman races over the next decade.

Ironman Lake Placid 2011

Ironman Lake Placid 2011 was a highly anticipated race after a huge training effort over the previous winter and spring to get ready. The swim was chaotic due to abnormally warm water where Kona spots could only be earned by athletes forgoing the use of wetsuits. The persons not wearing wetsuits including myself started in the back and I ended up posting a terrible 1:25 swim and sustaining a kick to the head. Overcooked the bike and ended up in the medical tent at T2 for about 30 minutes before rallying to run a 3:50 marathon and an overall time of 11:40.

Ironman Florida 2011

Ironman Florida takes place at Panama City Beach, Florida, home of white sand beaches and a spring break hot spot. The ocean swim can be tough, but is followed up by a very flat fast/boring bike, and a flat run through vibrant neighborhoods.

Was looking at redemption and another Kona shot at IM Florida and started out with a strong swim (1:12) and then got a bit overzealous on the bike (blew up) and also suffered a flat, using up way to much energy and finishing out with a 3:43 run and a 10:36 overall time; about 40 minutes of a Kona slot on what is a very fast course.

Ironman NYC 2012

After working hard on biking and running during the winter (no swimming this cycle), was ready for the inaugural Ironman New York City. The race was new, and unique having the swim in the Hudson River, the bike on a closed Palisades Parkway and the run spanning from river road on the New Jersey side and finishing in Riverside Park near my home on the Upper West Side. One of the more amusing aspects pre race was that people were illegally swimming in the filthy Hudson River and trying to ride their bikes on Palisades Parkway ( a fully working highway!)

Race day started off with a very fast swim (with the current) of 52 minutes, followed day decent bike (5:30) and a hard fought 4:05 marathon in 95 degree heat up and down steep hills and over the George Washington Bridge – overall time of 10:37 – good for top 1% of amateur finishers, but slightly off the required finish for Kona.

Ironman Florida 2012

Headed back down to Panama City Beach with Marc, and after getting the rental car stuck in sand, and being chastised/warned by the condo rental office not to break anything we were ready to race! (The condos are destroyed each year by spring breakers, so a bit comical to be warned against damage prior to a IM race.

Race was solid and steady in all there segments 1:16 swim, 5:10 bike and a slightly slow run of 4:04; followed up by a good after party at the Spinnaker with DJ and Rap acts. No longer looking for a spot in Kona, but a decent finish.

Ironman Lake Placid 2013

Headed back up to Lake Placid with the Breakthrough Performance Coaching team in 2013 – solid but unspectacular finish, solid pacing to the finish. Swim – Bike – Run – Always a good time heading up to the Adirondacks!

Ironman Florida 2013

Headed back down to Panama City Beach for the 2013 IM Florida! After a weak showing in the swim 1:31 (YIKES) put up decent bike (5:17) and run splits (4:09) to close out the day in 11:16:40, which was good for 637th place overall. Solid, but not spectacular.

Ironman Maryland 2014

2014 was the inaugural Ironman Maryland, held at the same site in Cambridge, Maryland where Eagleman 70.3 is traditionally raced. Having previously raced Eagleman in 2012 I was familiar with the course and the area. The swim is an average river swim followed by flat and fast bike and run courses.

After another rough swim (1:43) finished the day with solid bike (5:36) and run (4:32) splits to close out IM Maryland in 12:08

Ironman Florida 2014

Headed back to Panama City Beach in 2014 to stormy weather! The swim was cancelled at the last minute after the professional group could not start, and the race started with a Time Trial format on the bike. After a few years of minimal swim training, this was not a bad development; was able to get off the course in 10:35 and head back home.

Ironman Texas 2015

Headed down to the Woodlands in Texas for the 2015 North American Ironman Championship with the Breakthrough Performance Coaching team, including race room mate coach Steeves. Nice area and a lot of fun. The swim course included a man made lake followed by a swim down a filthy canal through the town (cigarette butts in the water – yuck – dirtiest swim since the Hudson in 2012!). Bike is flat and fast/boring and run was fun and festive through the community.
Got through the race in 13 hours and on to the next one!

Ironman Mt Tremblant 2015

The Dembro family Ironman team headed north to Canada during August 2015. The ski village is beautiful with a lot of nice restaurants and hotels; and the area is generally nice. The race course is somewhat more pedestrian, the lake is ok to swim in, the bike course pretty much goes on a large highway, and the run course is really only good during the two trips through the ski village. All that being said, the race was fun; good time with the team and family.

Ironman Lake Tahoe 2015

Accompanied by a legendary Ironman Sherpa, I headed out to Lake Tahoe to tackle the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe competition. The site did not disappoint, we stayed right in the ski village at Squaw Valley, also the site of the Olympics. The area is beautiful and trips were made to Truckee and the surrounding area. Phenomenal area for outdoor activity.

Race day started off cool, and the ice blue water was very cold – 54 degrees F! Lost my breath every time my head hit the water for almost ten minutes, before getting used to the frigid, but beautiful lake. 1 hour and 25 minutes I emerged from the lake into the cold fall air; ready to tackle the epic Lake Tahoe bike course.
The bike course is two loops and includes a long 6 mile climb from Truckee to Tahoe (you have to do it twice!) At 9AM people were walking their bikes up the climb, sort of a signal that they might as well concede right then and there. The only other course I have seen multiple persons walking is the old Mooseman course at Newfound Lake New Hampshire. 6 hours and 58 minutes of climbing later the bike course was done! Wow that was long!

The run course was nice, but had segments that went through the woods that were completely unlit, which was fine during the daylight, but for the back of the packers, was tricky running through trails in pitch black. Towards the end the Ironman Sherpa came out six miles and we ran back into the village together – An epic 14:30 day – where 33% of the entrants did not finish, and the race was never held again.

Ironman Mt. Tremblant 2016

The Ironman family crew headed back to Canada. This time we rented a condo, and certain crew members went night clubbing and were of little help getting the ironman to the starting line race day. This was the last race required to punch a legacy entry to the 2017 Ironman World Championship at Kailua Kona. The race went slow and smoothly and the ticket was punched!

Ironman 2017 World Championship at Kailua Kona

I had always wanted to race at Kona; like a lot of people who had seen the race on television; and today was the day! Not much training went into the race, but was still a fun day. Had a lot of family out with me to witness the epic day! (or long day anyway)

Getting through the swim was the key, miss the cutoff and the day is over, then what? So I swam hard in the 2.4 mile non wetsuit ocean swim – and the highlight of the day was getting out of the water and hitting the steps like I had seen on tv all of those times!

Things went markedly downhill from there. The bike was windy and hot, and well took forever (7:26 YIKES). I ran about 13 miles in 2 hours on the run, and decided that if I walked the rest of the way I would finish in plenty of time to beat the cutoff, so I walked with my feet completely blistered and finished at 10:56PM. After all of the years of effort, mission accomplished!


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