I keep track of my Arthur Dembro running week starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. The current goals are to exceed to 4 hours of running, and also running over 30 miles per week. The main tools I use to track running are my Garmin watch www.garmin.com strava and I also track all workouts on my whoop device.

For the Arthur Dembro running week ending October 25, 2020 there were six runs that covered 36 miles, all run in Central Park. Running in Central Park has been good even during the Covid period as the park is very large, and it is still possible to really spread out; especially when it is raining or off peak hours.

The goal is to add mileage slowly until running hits forty-five miles per week, then plateau on running and add in more cycling. Biking will add to overall fitness without causing as much physical stress.

The cycling goal will be to add twelve additional workout hours.

Arthur Dembro Running Week


Hi My Name is Arthur Dembro and I am an accountant with an interest in triathlon. This site was set up to share my triathlon experiences and help others who are interested in becoming Ironmen (Ironwomen)