Arthur Dembro Training resumed today with the aim of getting ready for racing next year. Right now training is mostly done in Central Park. The lower loop is a good spot to train, with the larger loop being really good for longer training. The full loop is 10 kilometers or a little more than six miles. The loop is good for both running and cycling.

Good run today! Times are coming down day by day! is the file for today’s training run, as usual tracked on Strava. The run was day one back in action, and the beginning of a marathon training program, not so much to run a marathon, but just to get baseline fitness back so that real training can begin for longer and more difficult events. Arthur Dembro training resumes

Arthur Dembro swim finish


Hi My Name is Arthur Dembro and I am an accountant with an interest in triathlon. This site was set up to share my triathlon experiences and help others who are interested in becoming Ironmen (Ironwomen)